Why your business needs a website.

Why EVERY Business Needs a Website in 2021

It’s the year 2021, there is a global pandemic, yet you’re still considering whether you need a website or not?

The time to get ahead of the pack by being online was 15+ years go. But the time to keep your business alive and nurture growth – is right now.
Need more convincing? Carry on reading.

1) Customers can find you easily

– Ever typed in “restaurants near me” on google to find a great place to eat out? Well…any restaurant without a website wouldn’t have shown up. And that’s a missed customer before they’ve even seen your business.

Be sure to read our article “What is SEO anyways?” to find out more about how we can help rank your business on top of the Google and other search engines’ results pages.

2) Your website provides information about your business

– Having a website allows you to inform customers about your brand, products or services. Customers can view and compare prices, see office hours and find your business’s contact details.

3) More leads

– With the rise of internet, consumers are exposed to a wealth of information on the products/services they’ are looking for. By having a business website, consumers can read about your offerings and be convinced that your product/service is just what they’re looking for!

See our blog post The Stats Never Lie… to get a small insight into the opportunity that being online presents.

4) Credibility

– Chances are, there are other people offering similar products and services as your business. Having a website with quality information and previous client reviews, ensures the customer of your legitimacy.

5) Build your brand’s identity

– By having a website, you put yourself in control of what customers can read about your business. This allows you to create your own brand sentiment and how the public perceive your business. Crucial for customer retention.

6) Easy Tracking & Analysis

– With the use of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see in-depth data about your website visitors, as well as their interactions with your site. E.g. you’ll be able to see their demographics (age; gender; location etc.) and what sections of the site they spend the most time on. This data can be extremely valuable when you’re considering advertising, new products/services or new locations to serve.
You can read more about how Google Analytics can help your business in this article.

Check out our digital services to see how we can help your business grow its online reputation today!

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