Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management is a recurring monthly service. Our experts will handle all the creating, posting, and management of your social media accounts.

When done right – effective social media management can greatly assist in the generation of leads and sales – by creating brand awareness and a space for customer engagement.

Social Media Management Packages

Browse our 3 available packages and decide which is best for you and your business.

The prices are for guidance only, we’ll provide a more accurate quote after contact.

Social media management services offered by Aesthetic Marketers. For businesses of all sizes.

(R3000 p/m)

3 social media accounts managed with 9 posts per month

Social media management services packages in South Africa

(R5200 p/m)

3 social media accounts managed with 18 posts per month

Social media services for businesses

(R8000 p/m)

3 social media accounts managed with 30 posts per month

Why Choose Us For Social Media Management?

Social Media Management, when handled correctly, is one of the most effective methods at generating brand awareness and leads for your business.

Our team of social media experts, graphic designers, copywriters and reputation managers combine all their skills to deliver stellar management of your social media profiles – as if it were our own brand.

We take the time and effort required for social media management off of your list of duties – allowing your business to focus on its core functions.

Social media management services by a digital / social media marketing agency.
Social media management company in south africa. Aesthetic Marketers

The Power of Social Media

Social media presents many opportunities to exploit – but its true strength lies in its ability to allow brands to influence.

The beauty with social media is that it allows you to communicate with your audience.

Not just to sell your products and services.

But to demonstrate which challenges and difficulties your products or services solve for your clients.

It’s an opportunity to express your brand’s personality – the culture that runs through your business and the impact that it intends to make on consumers’ lives.

Looking for Social Media Advertising Services?

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