Social Media Management Packages

All of your social media content creation, planning and posting done for you.

Social Media is no longer a beneficial option for businesses.

It’s an essential method of engaging with your customers, learning valuable insights, and growing your business.

When done right – effective social media management can greatly assist in the generation of leads and sales – by creating brand awareness and a space for customer engagement.

Social Media Management Packages


(8 posts per month)
Monthly Activities:
  • 2 Posts Per Week = 8 Posts Per Month
  • Incudes 1 Video Per Month
  • Running/Scheduling Posts and Content Creation


(12 posts per month)
Monthly Activities
  • 3 posts per week = 12 posts per month
  • Includes 1 Video for the month
  • Running/Scheduling Posts and Content Creation


(16 posts per month)
Monthly Activities
  • 4 posts per week = 16 posts per month
  • Includes 2 Videos for the month
  • Running/Scheduling Posts and Content Creation

Why Hire a Social Media Agency?

In the world of social media,

If you’d like for your company’s social profiles to stand out and grab the attention of consumers from your competitors,

You need to put continuous time and effort into it all of your social media channels.

Frequently coming up with:

  • Creative post ideas
  • Custom graphics & videos
  • Engaging captions
  • Optimized keywords for your hashtags

is both challenging & time-consuming.

For you to actually grow your business’s social media presence,

You need to collect measurable data and statistics to track your progress at the end of each month.

Aesthetic Marketers take the time & effort required for effective social media management out of your day.

We create the highest quality content for your social media platforms, keeping your audience growing & engaged.

Backed up by our in-depth monthly reports which highlight all the important metrics and goals we’ve reached.

Social media management services by a digital / social media marketing agency.
Social media management services that help drive brand awareness and engagement
Social media management company in south africa. Aesthetic Marketers

The Power of Social Media

Social media presents many opportunities for us to exploit – but its true strength lies in its ability to allow businesses to influence their audience.

The beauty with social media is that it allows you to communicate with your audience.

Not just to sell your products and services,

But to demonstrate which challenges and difficulties your products or services solve for your clients.

It’s an opportunity to express your brand’s personality – the culture that runs through your business and the impact that it intends to make on the lives of your customers.

Social media management packages for small and large businesses

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