Is email marketing still effective in 2022?

Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2022?

Marketing – and specifically digital marketing – is an ever-changing and expanding field of business.

Today, businesses are spoilt for choice with the different digital marketing tactics and methods that are available – all of which can be used to great effect.

Other than email marketing, businesses can now make use of social media marketing, SMS marketing, Google ads, YouTube video ads, and a few other digital marketing methods.

The trick is to find which digital marketing method works best for your business.

Now, we know that there certainly isn’t a one-size-fits all kind of strategy…

Some digital marketing methods will be more effective from one business to another.

But, email marketing is one stand-out digital marketing method that ALL businesses should think about exploring.

Both start-ups and established businesses.

And here’s why…

Email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company

And according to multiple other studies & surveys, email marketing has consistently been the most effective digital marketing method over the past few years – and industry leaders predict this trend to continue for some years to come.

But Isn’t Email Marketing Seen As Spam?!

Relevant question, because it most certainly can be – but only if you’re sending out non-valuable content to the wrong audience. Then you can almost guarantee that any receiver of your marketing emails will be racing to hit the unsubscribe button.

The trick (and the goal) is to send out a personalized message with valuable content to a targeted and researched audience, who are more likely to be interested in and engage with your marketing message.

By having a tactically-built list of email contacts, your business can reach out and present personalized content that is relevant and interesting to your audience – which will undoubtedly bring in new leads and sales.

Is email marketing spam? Email marketing blog post.

Still wondering if Email Marketing is for you? Then read these statistics.

Email marketing is also top of the pile when it comes to the rate of return on investment (ROI). It is generally much cheaper than the other forms of digital marketing – and according to HubSpot, email marketing generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is a staggering 4,200% ROI!

Why You Should Hire a Professional Email Marketer

As supported by all of the above, email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective and used methods in the digital marketing arena.

It’s a channel of communication with your audience that allows you to send out high value, personalized, and relevant content that can drive sales and create positive brand awareness, when done correctly.

But – if and when done incorrectlyemail marketing can do more harm than good to your business’s reputation and marketing campaign.

Sending out irrelevant or non-valuable content to the incorrect audience (or even to the correct audience) is a fatal mistake that many have made – resulting in their email getting labelled as spam – the ultimate failure of an email marketing campaign.

By hiring a professional – you ensure that your email audience will be one that is well researched and targeted, and that will have a definite interest in your marketing message.

Further, a professional can provide you with valuable and optimized content for your readers, focused on generating leads and sales for your business.

The Importance Of Your Subject Line

A big part in the success of getting your clients to actually open your emails is due to the email’s subject line. A professional email marketer knows just how to write an engaging and eye-catching subject line, resulting in a better open rate for your marketing emails.

Key Takeaways from Email Marketing

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